Apple Mobile Device Support

Apple Mobile Device Support

Program needed to synchronize of apple mobile devices and a PC with Windows XP
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License type: Freeware

Apple Mobile Device Support is needed for the synchronisation between an apple mobile device (iPod or iPhone) and a PC through iTunes. This version runs over Windows XP and was useful for previous versions of ITunes that didn´st recognized by themselves the mobile devices. Actually Apple Mobile Device Support is included in the newest versions of ITunes so there is no need to download it or install it. In the case you have an old version of ITunes and you are having problems with the synchronisation of our mobile device and ITunes, then this application might be the solution.

Augusto Rivera
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  • It´s Free and helps synchronizing mobile devices with ITunes over old versions


  • In actual versions of ITunes and with some requirements over Windows Updates, this add-on is no longer needed in order to synchronize an apple mobile device with a PC
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